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May 23, 2010


I've just realized that i would like to meet some new people.

I like science ,learning languages , music ,art and obviously have fun.I'm not the most

interesting person but i think that i can do something.lol.

Now, I'm studying chemistry at the university but I would like to learn something about

astronomy and robotics , these are my latest interests.

Anyway, It's not necessary to meet people that knows about that but ,i think that 

as human being i like to socialice a lot!. 

If you want to meet new people as me... come on! add me and let's talk .

Take care 'cause your life is precious ! Have fun !, learn !, teach , socialice! and never

forget how beautiful you are!- I believe that nobody is ugly!, there is always something

beautiful on you -.Don't forget that!.Smile