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September 29, 2007

Hi everyone, i am welcoming you all. Hope all are doing fine. Most of us love this website as there is a great chance of learning English and possibility of having new friends from all over the World.

But do you know that there is dark behind the moon. I hope so. There are good and innocient people around the World with a very good objectives and goals, but there are also some greedy people whose objetive and goals are two - one is to harrass people and by harassing people, they would earn ill-gotten money.

I received 4 letter of spammers in this wevsite, as  I have bitter experience in the past about this I was able to identify that those were spam and acted accordingly.

For your information, there are the spammer have 4 characteristics: (1) they would requst you in a very friendly and lovely manner to contact them through their email. (2) there will be some trap of getting money, (3) All of them identified themselves someone known to many people of the World and (4) they would even offer  you friendship forever by marriage and relocation. 

Please be aware of them Embarassed

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