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September 29, 2007

August 13, 2007 - Only 22% of girls have completed primary level schooling in rural areas of Pakistan as compared to 47% of boys. It is estimated that only 57% of girls and women can read and write in Pakistan.

Results on the Ground A World Bank funded project in Pakistan’s Punjab Province has continued its support of the country’s education sector and recently approved the second phase of the project. It will support the Province’s medium-term reform program to improve performance and quality of school education; improve school participation and retention rates; and reduce gender and regional disparities.

The project had already contributed towards improvements in education with public school enrollments increasing by over 2.4 million over the past three years. However, about 40% of Punjab’s primary school-aged children are still out of school. Read More.

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Source: World Bank

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12:53 AM Sep 30 2007

t k awan

t k awan

Burning candle,you and rest of the world are not correct i am affraid,cas,it is assessment made on the _ and + of some official sites,but ground reality is something else.so dont take it seriously,we are so backword than your expectations.We just want to usurp the fundings in the name of education and nothing else."Educated Punjab" HA HA HA.Now its a jok in the Pakistan