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May 30, 2008

So, my beloved boy is in Turkey for another 12 days and I do miss him a lot. We spent every day together before he left, because when he's coming home I'm in Prague with my dad. I'm very excited about that, because I've never been there and it'll be lovely! Right now everything's kinda rough, it's a lot going on in school (I'm in the end of compulsory school) because it ends in about 10 days and I feel so alone when my boy isn't here. But I hope he's having a great time in Turkey. He'd better, otherwise it's not okay that he left for 2 weeks. I mean, he's there with his mum, her friend, his friend, his brother and his girlfriend - he must have a great time. Well, I shall not complain; soon I end school, the weather is great and now it's weekend! Plus, in a couple of days my best friend's coming down to me. She lives on the west side of Sweden and I leave on the east side, so it's a long way to travel. I'm really looking forward to it, because we haven't met since last 5/1 last year. Well, now I'm hungry, so I shall not interrupt you anymore. 

Take care!  Kiss

March 3, 2008

But now it's over. I finally got internet again. It was pretty rough to live without it, it got pretty boring. But at the same time it was okay. I felt like a little brat when I missed internet. I couldn't stop thinking about the children in Africa and about their problems. My internetproblem was nothing compared to theirs. I'm really tired now and I've been for like a week or so. School started again after the so called "Sportsvacation" and I spent mine in Berlin. Wonderful city, I really loved it! I've done 3 of my 9 exams and it went really good. I've my 4th next friday and I hope I'll do fine on that too. Today I was babysitting and I'll do the same tomorrow. I like it, because it's fun and I make money on it (I need to buy new clothes). Tomorrow someone will have a 2 hour long account about drugs. I'm not so interesed because I don't do drugs or similar things like that. But I'll be fine anyhow. And I've got a guitarlesson too!

10:57 AM Mar 10 2008


Russian Federation

hehe!!i think so(the BERLIN is wonderfulll)do you like yo be babysitting?

December 6, 2007

Well, it have been a lot going on right now. It's the end of the year and I really want to make my grades great. I was 1 point from the highest grade on my mathtest, I found out today, I was really proud! That's the best I've ever done in math. I was sick monday, tuesday and wednesday but now I'm not sick anymore. Maybe a little, but not too much. It's fine. And I was at my boyfriend this weekend, it was pretty fun actually. We didn't do anything, but it was fun anyhow. He'll come up to me tomorrow, I can't wait! But it still feels weird, I can't believe it's happening. It'll be really fun. We're going to the cinema, shopping and hanging out with friends. Because I was sick I have to do my test about the holocaust on monday or wednesday, but it's okay, because I know what I need to know. And on friday I've a chemistry test too, but I'll fix it too. Because I finally, after 1 ½ years understand chemistry! It's awesome for me. Now I'm watching the first season of One Tree Hill, I like it. Though I'm pretty tired both in my head and body, I'm okay. I'll fix this, it's only 2 weeks until school's end for the year. I'll fix this.

Take care, byebye!  Kiss

04:55 PM Jan 28 2008


salam hay salut cava bellamorte bien venu bellamorte le morcco ! im a 27 year ci khalid ! J ai l honneur de vous connaitre i speak francais merci bye bye.