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November 9, 2007

So, I went to the hospital and of course they said, as usually, that there was nothing wrong with me. Just some pms. I was just as sure on that it wasn't pms, I'm not stupid(!), as she was sure on that it was. So, after another bloodtest, a another specimen of urine and a gynecologist examination(for the first time in my life) I went home. Still in pain and with no answer. Great! And this morning I was about vomit up my breakfast (just as with the dinner yesterday), so I've had a great day so far. Woho. *Irony* And here it's just 11 am. So yeay me. As you probably noticed, I'm pretty pissed off. But I'd love some company. So, yeah, feel welcome to make me happy.

Take care! Kiss

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02:21 PM Nov 10 2007




i hate doctors too...but they just doing their job...one i go to the doctor they always sey that something is wrong with me...so i hate them to.

But don't worry! everything will be okayCool


03:31 AM Nov 09 2007


Russian Federation

Poor! Cry A wonderful day! (my misanderstandable irony) I wish it was the worst day in your life! But what about poor doctors? Some days ago I have heard  the following phraze: bad people teach us to be patient. I begin to regret physicisns....

02:16 AM Nov 09 2007


hey girl,     for my part,   i am too wound to  see a doctor.  i hate it when my dad drags me  kicking and screaming to see a doctor.   It's  really killing me.