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My life be like..

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Russian Federation

April 21, 2008

I don't really know is it worth to share here my thoughts, ideas, etc.
But if... please, don't be upset when you won't find here what will satisfy your expectations.Cool

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02:13 AM Jun 05 2008


Life is good.

12:59 PM Apr 21 2008


South Korea

I am Change Kue. Did you know that the words I am... are very powerful metaphsical words? whenever you say " I am,"  you proclaim who you are and want to be to the Universe agrees and makes it so. That's why it's so damaging to make proclaimations such as : " I am unhappy,"  I am broke," " I am sick," " I am fat," or " Iam unlovable." These statements absolutely attract suc unpleasant conditions. This week , use the power mantra " I am..." to create te exact conditions you want in your life.

TRY these affirmations :

"I am healthy." " I am balanced." " I am happily employed." " I am loved and lovable." " I am beautiful." " I am a prosperous, creative being." " I am joyful, lighthearted, and blessed in every way."

take care of you

Change Kue in Korea