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i speak english

United States

February 24, 2009

Whats up everybody im johnny and i love meeting new people and especially around the world because i love to learn about peoples cultures and stuff like that but im a real nice guy and im not one of those internet freaks that just talk about sex but im a real outgoing person and i never give up on anything but im an athletic guy and i love ufc fighting and im the type of person that everybody likes but after high school i plan on joining the service for my country because i am very patriotic but add me or message me please we can talk about anything and i know english really well infact thats the only language i know sorry later im out Bye 

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09:51 PM Mar 04 2009

ice snow

  Hello,nice  to  meet  you !  I  am  a   chinese  gril, are  you  intereted   in  our  culture ?  I  want  to   make  friends  with  you  ,my   english    is  not  very  good  !  But    i    want  to  make  friends   with  people    from   other  countrys~~


   I  am  looking  forward  to  receiving   your  letter~~Laughing 

12:14 AM Mar 04 2009



Hi...wish you are a good guy^^