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September 26, 2013

Hi guys! I wanna tell you a story about small horse and drunk dog. One day gone small horse called Bongo to the forest for an entertainment , for waste his time and for other and other thinks. When he was under the woody bridge, he was thinking about people, why are they so bad and why they want danger everything natural in the world...then he met unknown kind of dog, this dog was drunk so he was little funny because he did not know walk straight. He asked him : what is your dear name , dog?  Dog said : I dont like my name, i dont like names in generally. Names invented people, they take me my freedom so I did held that i gone far awaaaaay from this creations. My name which gave me one guy is Bob...but natural did not give me any name ..I dont have name Im only dog. You know what i mean?? .. Bongo was nicely surprised, little dog has became as his friend.... They usually go to trips and they have many many experiences.....so... Animals are rather when they have them personal space and them freedom ... you dont think this? ;)

11:13 PM Oct 06 2013



hi angel this is me murad79791 skype

11:44 AM Sep 26 2013


yes :) i know

01:33 AM Sep 26 2013


the general thought is there... but you need to practise more on your grammar.