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April 29, 2008

For me, there is no discrepancy between man and female among my friends. Treating with my friend with my heart full of sincere and true is the core of value through my life, for me, which is so natural that I never can understand why some girl will intend to flatter their boy friend without any reason.

But yesterday, I have seen a vivacious example in one of my friend’s birthday party.

The boy, having a birthday yesterday, has few contribution to our group and often is absent in majority of our activities we hold as we have the same vacation, which often be spared hardly. However, there was no one birthday party of our 11 members has got such a glorious and sweet party like yesterday, and there is no one of members except him received a gift prepared by a lot of girls paying considerable fortune.

Maybe, I sad maybe, that is because I am not familiar him as other girls. Maybe that is because I just can not learn how to make a friend with a boy who don’t contact with we automatically. Anyway, I just can not understand where the charming characteristic he possesses but I can not see and feel?

March 31, 2008

Little sad little glad


Last Saturday, in some kind of aspect, I have finish all the test and panic period and pace toward studying abroad. After composition test for Imperial pre-cession course, I gave myself two holidays to relax my spirit and thinking.


However, I did not do everything but sleeping and sleeping. What was most ridiculous is that I extremely hate the feeling that I have no goal in my mind, which makes me like a fool, a doll, only with a concrete corporeality and empty mind. How a macabre though is. Will I step into the sort of situation in which I will face routine job and have unsocial work, keeping on go form morning till night, fatiguing my invaluable youthhood, is that I want or that is just a state that everyone need to encounter except those so called “the second generation of enterprisers”.


I have not bad intention at all; however, I just can not help but complain about “the rich”. Recently, I have found the fact that sometime people have confused about the definition between sympathy and contempt. Feeling someone pitiful and giving this person what he want is defined a kind behavior, it is no doubt, but the point is what kind of frame of moon and conception that “giving person” pass to”taking person”. If one thought that she/he is bliss and appreciates everything that her/him own, so the one are willing to share a tinge of happy to others, that is good. On the contrary, if the one do the same thing with a thought that how pity and mean these people are, and through what they do to display their noble quality, that absolutely have despised them.

March 23, 2008

well well well....

it is the second time I took IELTS test, and the same result, I have poor confidence to my test. and again, I believe I will take another test in near future, but why I have to answer that stupid question in speaking of test. it is the questions that I remember:

first, please describe the oldest building in your country, what a good question is, I even can not respond in chinese, how I can render a good answer in the test.

if I know I will have the sense of history, I would have studied hard as I was a student.

the next question, do you like painting, of course not. as I have memory, I have mere chance to contact with this skill. Hence, the answer is not, but why??  come on, how can I know the factor. my mom and Dad are lack of money to  allow me attend a painting class and there is no one ask me painting, which is the simple cause of the stupid questionBut, tell me, could I tell them the answer?? Obviously ,  I can not, yes, and then what is the answer if the genuine answer is not a answer?? 

ok, the third question, do you think how can neighbors help to each other??my god, I am hardly having enough sleeping time, who care about how to give my hands to them and in taiwan, majority of people, at least I acquainted, live in flat, where is small environment and has few of public facility, in other words, there is few chance to meet them,unless we go to knock their door. yet, the point is that we have to go to work and go home until we fatigue. for me, it is impossible to help them as I am not meet them, which is the normal phenomenon, why they ask me make up a story that won't happen in the reality. so is that the question out of date or I am really have poor capability of english. I have been confused.


05:02 PM Mar 23 2008



so funny and annoying test!

03:51 PM Mar 23 2008