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November 24, 2007

Yesterday, I had a date with my college’ friend, he is working in an on-line game company belonging to Korea, and we talked about everything including his future of working or what is his conception of the perspective of his company.

In this conversation, he brought up an intriguing opinion. He said” he prefers to be unified by China than working in a place, where has not competition at all, it is undeniable that everyone will very feel proud as their superior delegate him/she to China to be a manager’’. At that time, I have to say that I was be persuade into this opinion since I would feel glad if I can be assign to execute this mission.

However, before I went to sleep, the same question crept into my mind again and I pondered deeply for there is some contradictive answer in my mind.


I started to ask my self, is I proud of having the chance to be a Chinese in China or just to perform my ability demonstrating in China, where has the greatly potential ability of development within the world? It did not waste a lot of time to ascertain the answer. I am sure no matter wherever I am nominated to, I will feel honor for I have proved my capability. I hope everyone can have the positive thought in stead of having no identification with our nation, however, I don’t intend to tell the conclusion to my friend because everyone has his own right to chase what he or she want to believe.  

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