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December 8, 2007

I took part in my friend’s birthday party yesterday. It is very unusually that hanging out with my friends, drinking one or two cup of enchantingly stinging wine and shaking the body with music. As I went to the toilet, I met a girl, who watched the mirror blaming something. And then as we chatted for few minutes since I wanted to explain that the shape of person is a man who is using the men’s toilet beside our toilet with a deeply grey mirror, she suddenly said “you have a beautiful face”. As that time, there was nothing in my mind but that the girl was drunk, even she had a very clear conscious. And Today, as I went to my work class and chatted with my classmate at first time, in the middle of the conversation, she said that I look so obedient.   


Yes, I am obedient as I wear glasses and speak with gentle voice, and yes I know I have a charming face as I am “making up”. all of your opinions are right since that is what I want to perform in front of you. But how can you estimate a person by the first glance, and do you really think I am the person just like what you though??

Even though both of these compliment is good and I should proud since I got their recognition, I have not happy but nothing to say in reply.

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04:57 PM Dec 21 2007


I am  glag to read your blog.You are a cute girl. Anyway I am happy to meet you by online.