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March 31, 2008

Little sad little glad


Last Saturday, in some kind of aspect, I have finish all the test and panic period and pace toward studying abroad. After composition test for Imperial pre-cession course, I gave myself two holidays to relax my spirit and thinking.


However, I did not do everything but sleeping and sleeping. What was most ridiculous is that I extremely hate the feeling that I have no goal in my mind, which makes me like a fool, a doll, only with a concrete corporeality and empty mind. How a macabre though is. Will I step into the sort of situation in which I will face routine job and have unsocial work, keeping on go form morning till night, fatiguing my invaluable youthhood, is that I want or that is just a state that everyone need to encounter except those so called “the second generation of enterprisers”.


I have not bad intention at all; however, I just can not help but complain about “the rich”. Recently, I have found the fact that sometime people have confused about the definition between sympathy and contempt. Feeling someone pitiful and giving this person what he want is defined a kind behavior, it is no doubt, but the point is what kind of frame of moon and conception that “giving person” pass to”taking person”. If one thought that she/he is bliss and appreciates everything that her/him own, so the one are willing to share a tinge of happy to others, that is good. On the contrary, if the one do the same thing with a thought that how pity and mean these people are, and through what they do to display their noble quality, that absolutely have despised them.

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