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April 29, 2008

For me, there is no discrepancy between man and female among my friends. Treating with my friend with my heart full of sincere and true is the core of value through my life, for me, which is so natural that I never can understand why some girl will intend to flatter their boy friend without any reason.

But yesterday, I have seen a vivacious example in one of my friend’s birthday party.

The boy, having a birthday yesterday, has few contribution to our group and often is absent in majority of our activities we hold as we have the same vacation, which often be spared hardly. However, there was no one birthday party of our 11 members has got such a glorious and sweet party like yesterday, and there is no one of members except him received a gift prepared by a lot of girls paying considerable fortune.

Maybe, I sad maybe, that is because I am not familiar him as other girls. Maybe that is because I just can not learn how to make a friend with a boy who don’t contact with we automatically. Anyway, I just can not understand where the charming characteristic he possesses but I can not see and feel?

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