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December 16, 2008

I don't feel well last Friday.

So, I have no voice .

I feel inconvenienced.Cry

04:21 AM Dec 17 2008



wish fast recovering)))

11:17 PM Dec 16 2008



Are you all right??

Please take care of yourself.

December 9, 2008

For this report I researched about Venezuela.Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of south America.I asked people in Venezuela about their country.I got three responses to my questions. They like Japan.They like sports, (volley ball …etc) and they like Venezuela food and sushi!I thought that I wanted Venezuelans to know a Japanese-style dish more.I researched Venezuela food. (Carne mechada, marinade, areba etc)I hardly knew.I want to eat Venezuela food!They interesting about Japan. I want to have come to get to know about Venezuela more.I hope I can go to Venezuela to travel some day. I learned from Wikipedia.As a hometown of the main immigrations, they are Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Syria, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Colombia, dust, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, etc. There is an immigration boom from Europe from the 1940s to the 1950s, and 450,000 people flowed into from 1950 before 1958 focusing on Portuguese. The Roman Catholic of religion is 76%. A Protestant is 2%. Others are 2%.  As other religion, they are Islam, Judaism, etc. Compulsory education is performed for the people from 6 years old to 15 years old, and Venezuela Chuo University (1721), the Los Andes university (1785), a KARABOBO university, the Zulia university (1891), etc. are mentioned as main institution ofs higher education. .

10:14 PM Dec 30 2008



take care of youself in the worldLaughing

November 10, 2008

Hi everone!


I cleaned the my room all day long on Saturday.

My room became clean after a long time.

So, I became comfortable.

Comfortable rooms can lie down well,,,Kiss


I went school festival live of my local of university on Sunday with my friend.

We love group singer, we thrilled.Embarassed

Group name is COLOR.

The curtain rose at 17:00, closhing at 18:30Cry

Time flashed by, but we were very very happy!!

I could go live, and it was really good~Laughing


09:01 PM Nov 12 2008



Hi, REI♪

Last week You have a great time, aren't you?

I want to go your room next time!!!:)

By the way, Le't hold a pot atthe table party!!!♪

I'm forward to this party:)