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February 12, 2009

Long time no came up here and now back in full force. I am entering a new phase of my life, where would be a silly teenager and I being a young university with major challenges. Hope I can beat all the enemies of life. With Christ I have to achieve victory in all battles.
Big Hug...
\O/  Laughing

12:09 AM Feb 13 2009



who`re you man who`s it going ............... my friend I need your help plaes my english and writing it is so bad .............. I weanting for you don`t miss   me ..................seeyou later

July 4, 2007

HEhe... Today  have party...   
In a little while I am going for Church there we will present a Piece super Way...   
I will leave of there some 11:00 hours and I was running here home..   
My mother made a Monte of food..   
Everything is arranged..   
The Family all goes came for here....   
For compensating the Lunch of Christmas that we did at My Aunt's house, it was the Largest Mess..   
More In My house the Things are different...   
= D   
Just now it was praying for the year of 2008...   
Ours, was very Strong the consequences   
I felt something different in my life,   
I asked God many things for that new year and I know that in the same way that he assisted to my requests in 2007..   
Much More he will Do in 2008...   
Only I know the plans that I have for you: prosperity and it doesn't disgrace and a Future full of Hope   
A 2008 full of Hope for you...   
Everything that I have   
Everything that I am   
What comes to Be..   
comes from You Lord..   
/ Happy 2008 /

Leave your trace here..   

Know insideonassis

01:12 AM Nov 15 2007



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