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January 14, 2010

Have you ever had a dream that it took you sooo many years waiting for it to become real and yet nothing happens? It's like you became old and crusty waiting and hoping that it will come but suddenly, the only one special person that you have, that gives you motivation and inspiration in life just passed away. What would you do then? Well, to all the people out there who would like to be inspired with a story of an old man living his dream, Mr. Carl Fredricksen with the company of an overeager eight-year-old Wilderness Explorer- Russel, a talking dog-dug and Kevin a tall flightless bird make this adventure beyond his expectations.


It is a very wonderful movie that touched my heart and even moved me into tears!!

A movie that made me realize these: that it is not too late to make your dreams a reality, even if you grow old, or you have encountered a lot of challenges along the way as long as you still BELIEVE in yourself that it will happen that it is not too late to make it happen, everything is possible and limitless, just DREAM and keep the fire burnin'. Letting go and moving on to the things that you really cared for and at the same time feeling good about it is a big challenge. It's like a new freedom, a new level of happiness!!


Soo.. For all the people out there who haven't seen this movie yet, I'm telling you. You gotta watch it!! From "Pixar Animation Studios", I'm personally inviting you to watch the movie, "UP".


Your dream is just waiting for you Up there!! So make a decision and seize your day! Smile


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09:24 PM Jan 14 2010



I saw that movies before,it's very impressive.I believe that every dreams you made would be come true if you put your heart in the actions.Just like Carl and Russell.