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January 30, 2014


Istanbul is the most crowded city of Turkey maybe in the world.:d Its population is 14 000 000.

I have been to Istanbul many times.I love Istanbul.

There are many historical places, mosques, museums.The Topkapi Palace, The Grand Bazaar, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Ayasofya and Rumeli are most famous historical places to visit.Istanbul has many big hotel.And many visitors like to travel here.Millions of people visit here and have a good time.

Istanbul has many big football club.Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are very big clubs in Istanbul.Besiktas is the oldest football club in Turkey.and my favorite football club is Besiktas.:)

January 10, 2014

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October 4, 2013

Hi everbody.

From today i will tell you the towns of Turkey.My english isn't very good.I am sorry for that.:/ 


  Antalya is located in the south of Turkey.Antalya has a very nice ports.People really loves here.There are many hotels.Also there are many tourists in Antalya, especially Russian and German tourists.Visitors have a good time in that coast and historic sites.They can find everything.

Antalya has many beach.Every year millions of people visit here and have a good time.Population is 2 000 000.Perge, Side, Aspendos are historical place.

05:56 AM Oct 25 2013



Thank you for the beautiful phrases.I'm trying to improve my English, as I said previously.Brazil is always our brother is our country.I don't use google talk but we can continue to talk from here.Already, i need to talk some people.See you soon.))