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October 20, 2007

my salary is increased!


Congratulation to myself! 

October 6, 2007

I've been tired of talking with a turkish man whose oral english is not so good...

We even couldn't understand each other.

Hard Communication.

And he said he loves me, he would come to China.

I just refused.

I don't love him, a turkish man. I'm hating talking with him on mobile phone.

So I told him just now I had a bf and would marry with him though in fact I've no bf.

Then he kept silent.

I don't want to make friends with any Turkish ppl.


07:55 AM Oct 20 2007


That's why I hate turkish ppl... They go to hell!!! I don't care! But they are creating prejudices among the ppl abroad. When I talk to a foreigner I get obliged to break down the prejudices first. Is there any way to get a worldish citizenship?

01:46 PM Oct 06 2007


if you had problem with yasin, you should solve it with him . You despised Turkish peopleFrown. I strongly disagree with you:(((

October 2, 2007

We have a 7-day holiday when national day comes.

I have 9 day luckily...

Went to pub with my cousin yesterday

drank some and played table pool happily

We didn't play talbe pool well,

but the boss of the pub taught us~

He's a kind personEmbarassed

I don't know when I start to love the life in pub

drink, dance, just enjoy myself~~