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June 25, 2014
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Learning English is neither too difficult nor is it too easy.All that it requires is application,hard work,and usage.That means,one should use the language everyday,everywhere,as often as possible.We must develop a love for the language.When we love,the rest becomes easy--it becomes a joy.My suggestion then,or advice if you like,is to use English,everyday with friends,classmates,and teachers,that is,with anyone who shares your passion and love for English.Reading,writing and listening to English programmes on the radio are also strongly recommended.If you like watching movies,you can also make that a part of your weekly routine,but l would recommend watching movies without subtitles,if your grasp of the langluge is reasonable.As the saying goes,practice makes perfect,and that is what you must do:practice.

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08:20 AM Jun 27 2014


Agreed! most you practice, most you learn.