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Russian Federation

April 18, 2012

Not long ago I decided to make a blog, but I had nothing to post up... However, recently  the things have changed...  Spring depression and several recent events of my life affected on me in such way that this lyrics has been born)) Just check it out Wink BTW, Sorry for a bit of rudeness beforehand Embarassed


                                             ======= * * * =======

No voice, no whisper, no silient subtle sound...

As you believe, as well as it astounds.

Now standing on a boggy shaky ground

Swept over by nowhere and nowhen

Devoured, devastated, without a clue of doing then.


Misty skies strolling about

Through endless woods that make you rapidly confess

You are the host and you're the guest

Alone, with noone to persuade or doubt.


There's noone's fault.

The turn's already taken.

The garbage's thrown away -

Nobody's dirty hand is left for shaking.

The lie's not to be spoken any more.

The shackles getting cut off won't be put on ever,

But something's also accidently severed,

What namely gets my callous soul be sore


Who was your friend turns out to be a bastard;

Who seemed to be your love ends up a cruel master.

Don't give a shit to spite the world not giving shit for you!

Chuck all them out! Long live the words being fair and true!


So well and good, but meanwhile getting shit undressed

It lastly got things empty in my chest.

As this one pulled rosecoloured world completely down,

I've been still stuck in emptiness all around  


So charming dusk, fresh smell of soon rejuvenation,

Its playful rays shimmering in the evening mist

Reveal the stining truth you can't resist

And get swept over by the despodent sensation

While you are standing on a boggy shaky ground

With neither voice, nor whisper, nor subtle sound.

                                      ====== * * * ======

Roma a.k.a. Orchestra Cool

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03:19 PM Apr 18 2012



Roma, about loneliness. Even if it's submerged under water or behind bars, there's always a way out. Like, long time ago, America and Africa as one being and now drifted apart and what we have -- a mystic Atlantic ocean with his 'friend' a big Mountain chain fron North to South as a MidAltantic Ridge that is alive and in all forces... It's a just a comparison... Look, there's life there.


02:36 PM Apr 18 2012


Russian Federation

oh, not at all )))

Sure, Ola! Life will be improved beyond a doubt! Certainly, as you're not sitting behind bars, various impressions come to your mind and fill it up every momoent of your life! Actually, I meant a kind of loneliness by word "emptiness" because of me having "thrown" my fake frinds and lovebird out. Nevertheless, menthal emptiness is a great idea as well.Wink

01:47 PM Apr 18 2012



Thank you Roma for a beautiful and very true to life poem! i think it will speak to many of us. Emptiness is never void as well, it will be filled up with something else, new experiences, new love, ups and downs that will grow into a big life teeming with all imaginable feelings, emotions. Smile