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Russian Federation

May 9, 2012

My dear friends!Smile

Today’s the 9th of May! The great festival is in the air not giving me a chance to fail to mention its presence – The Day Of The Victory)) The unique day when the sorrow and the happiness are hand-in-hand moving through the streets with military parades and  confuse us  if we should laugh or cry.  

As some of you may know, 67 years ago the World War II was stately finished proclaiming the fall of global world’s disease – fascism.

Don’t want to get stuck in unnecessary political details. Regardless, who you are and where you are from, just let us share a bit of joy, pride and gratitude for the people who fought for our freedom and especially for those whose life turned out to be the price for ones of ours, who died to let us live. Rest them in paradise. Let's celebrate the victory, the peace come!! But let the war never come again. Peace, love, unity! God bless you Kiss 

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04:41 PM May 09 2012



Happy Victory Day !!!