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Mapleleaf Man

United States

December 9, 2011
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I was talking to a Chinese friend today. She told me that she had a problem with the words 'some time' 'sometime' and 'sometimes'. Here's how you would use them. 

Some time means an amount of time. If you want to learn English, you have to devote some time to study it every day. Learning English can take some time but it's worth it. When you have some time, call me and we will talk about English. 

Sometime means a point in the futre or in the past. Sometime in the future, there will be peace on earth. (Don't we all wish that?) Sometime back in the 15th century, castles were built. If you come over sometime, we can play that video game. (Sometime when you have some time...)

Sometimes means now and then. Sometimes I get sick of hearing Christmas music. Sometimes that teacher drives me up a wall. Sometimes my cat scratches the furniture. (Sometimes when I have some time I play the piano.)

I hope these few examples help you with thse confusing words. English is difficult to master but it's fun, too. Don't get discouraged. First comes communication and second comes mastering the language. Once you can communicate, even if it's badly, then you can relax. 

Thanks for reading!

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View all entries from The Maple Leaf Rag >

10:25 AM Dec 11 2011

Mapleleaf Man
United States

Thanks for the comments. Things like this seem to be confusing (and they often are) but I try to give a clear explanation. As I always say, if you aren't sure about the usage, try to say the same thing in another way. We have so many words in English that you can say anything many different ways. 

09:20 PM Dec 09 2011

United States

I've been strugling with these for a long time, thanks for the explicit explanatiion!

02:26 PM Dec 09 2011

Syrian Arab Republic

Thank you for this information.