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June 24, 2010

Laughing Hello Friends,

First I'm not a teacher or any other job related to education.I'm just a learner try to learn and help others whom need that too.

Second, my source is an English course published by Camridge University called "face2face" it's very nice course "I think so" and avaiable to download.

Third,the information that I'll write here will be from that text book and i'll add some of my notes.

Fourth,your react with this blog will help me first and you and other friends here, so please try to be positive and help me and yourself and others too learn

Fifth,This please to all teachers here to share us and help us in our efforts


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View all entries from MY ENGLISH COURSE >

05:52 PM Jun 24 2010



about what your course?

01:47 PM Jun 24 2010

Saudi Arabia

this is a good idea hope, we all can help & for me i need to learn english more... i wish you the best

thanks for your effort