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December 5, 2007

      I'm going to have another birthday days later. One by one, year by year.

      Retrospect to what I had vowed, they were: oh, wishes to get a high mark on exams from now on; wishes I will entrance a good university; wishes to be happay everyday; wishes healthy to my father and mother and brother and grandparents. But now I wish to come home and get together with them. Or if possible, I don't want to be one year older.Laughing

       One of my friends is practicing in hospital now. He's happy to see a new birth and told me that being a mother is really marvellous but also painful. It was rally a blooded scene that he would never forgot. Just as the old saying goes: My birthday is also called mother's suffering day. But she always forgets that it was her painful day but your birthday.

       A little shy, I've never said to my parents that " I love you ", but "Dady and mommy, I really really love you very very very much"

November 29, 2007

         Oh,my god! What's wrong with the slide fastener of my satchel? When I got off the bus, I found my bag had half-opend. Some uncomfortable feeling occured to me, soonest I found out that my wallet had gone.But it was difficult for me to believe it at that time, my mind went blank. I even did not have any feeling on that some one were pilferring my wallet which was hidden in my bag! Wait! That meant student's card,bank card,ID,money,keys to the domiroty, all lost! Oh! What a hell! This hateful thief!

          Quickly,I came back to myself,realized that I had to do something to remending it. First, I called the bank service and noticed them my bank card had lost. Then, I phoned the police station and telled them that my ID card was theieved and how to renew another one. Last, the student office was acknowledge that I had to make a new student card. And the money, I thought no one would give them back to me.

          I wished that the thief could be stamache when he used my money to buy something eat, or the machandizes which he used to buy would be unqualified.

05:02 PM Nov 30 2007



How hateful the thief is!

i'm sorry to hear that......

November 28, 2007

       At the beginning of this short story,the old horse dealer, died and left nothing but debt and threatening to his four children.The three  brothers managed to find a way out for themselves but none of them would like to take care of their little sister,Mable. Later,the depressed girl committed suicide in a pond but was saved by Dr.Ferguson,which drew the two youth into a romance love together.      

        At first, I think Mable took her advantage of the situation by expressing her love and convinding Jack that he loved her as well, in order to obtain the comfortable lifestyle that she once lived. But with the development of the story, you will have another view to see that it was the mystirious of love between the two dramatist personae. First of all, Mable wished to be glorified like her mother was becuase that she was ashamed of her poverty and no longer wanted to face the townspeople. The young doctor, Jack Ferguson, who was a friend of Mable's brother Fred, "as a matter of fact, it excited him, the contact with the rough,strongly-feeling people was a stimulant applied direct to his nerves". We would suggest that Mable's suicide was not only an instinct of saving others as a doctor but also a stimulation of the love of the story. Then,after resuscitating Mable,Jack brought her back to the deserted house, striped off her wet and stinking clothes, and wrapped her in blankets, she felt her responsible to ask whether he loved her and she thought that he must in love with her. But the fact was Jack felt free to undress Mable since he was a doctor and he never looked her more than two eyes before. When she lunged toward him and clutched his legs, murmured "You love me. I know you love me, I know." This was embarrasingly silly, yet inexplicably, he kissed her. At that moment, Jack felt some love with her,suddenly he recognized his obligation towards her. Last, she recognized with horror that he did not love her at all. But Jack tole her"I want you , I want to marry you, we'er going to be married, quickly, quickly---tomorrow if I can." Jack, the country doctor whose life up to this moment had been full of sunlight and promise, had to quickly marry the horse-dealer's daughter so he would not have time for common sense to change his mind.