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December 5, 2007

      I'm going to have another birthday days later. One by one, year by year.

      Retrospect to what I had vowed, they were: oh, wishes to get a high mark on exams from now on; wishes I will entrance a good university; wishes to be happay everyday; wishes healthy to my father and mother and brother and grandparents. But now I wish to come home and get together with them. Or if possible, I don't want to be one year older.Laughing

       One of my friends is practicing in hospital now. He's happy to see a new birth and told me that being a mother is really marvellous but also painful. It was rally a blooded scene that he would never forgot. Just as the old saying goes: My birthday is also called mother's suffering day. But she always forgets that it was her painful day but your birthday.

       A little shy, I've never said to my parents that " I love you ", but "Dady and mommy, I really really love you very very very much"

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