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Secret Garden

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November 10, 2007

        It was a disaster when I found out that he had another girlfiend in his hometown.He was handsome,he was cool,but he didn't treat me well.I was angry,I was heartbroken,and I hated him intensively.I felt like to be an idiot who was played by his will.I was so pround that I had never had a boyfriend before him.

        Since the fact it was, I must make a quick decision.Firstly, it was me happened to be the third one.Whatever he deceived me,it was not smart enough for me to break another girl's heart.Second,he didn't deserve my love or saddness.I would like to clear him away from my life thoroughly.Third,there was so many guys lost their heads when I determined to be his girlfriend.To stay with him,there was wounded love left only,but to leave him,there would be thousands of possibilities.So,he was fired!

        Now, I still alone.Neither because of still loving him nor do not be loved by someone.I just have learnd to love with bright eyes.


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