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United Kingdom

August 13, 2007

Seeds, seeds and more seeds everywhere!

I am now working with a group in Uganda and have set up a web page for them here http://www.gaianlife.co.uk/organicperspectives/

so now its seed trials time.... and I have spent days carefully labelling and preparing several hundred different kinds of medicinal and edible plant. Actually i'm kind of interested to see what some of them are like, especially the 'miracle plant'.....if you eat one of the berries, then for the next hour or so, everything else you eat tastes really sweet even lemons! Hmmmm we shall see! I'll let you know how it goes on the lemon front but it will take many months yet to get a fruit harvest unless by another miracle the plant grows really fast!

Hopefully I will be getting a teaching farm in the UK in the next month or so and then I can bring people to me in groups to teach rather than me having to travel around all over the world.......oh, hang on a minute, I LIKE travelling! ha ha.

As always, my apologies to folks here that I haven't managed to contact much recently, I hope you forgive me and know that I am so busy otherwise i would write more often!

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