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January 29, 2009

The sun finally came out after several raining day. The sky is so blue, I can never find a color like that. It's the fourth day of Chinese New Year, I still remember how wonderful it was when I was young. But things changed, maybe it just we changed. It's  harder for us to be satisfied now.

 When we were young, we may feel very happy just for a candy. But life has changing us step by step, finally we don't know what's happiness. We know what's laugh, but it's not as pure as before. To be simple is the best way --- MAYBE

July 31, 2008

A lot of us envy children, because we think they don't know what is sad and what is desperession. We became unhappy and sad as we going older and older. Sometimes you feel sad when you know a lot of things, before you think it's really an interesting thing or sweet thing but later you find out it's just nothing. I think if a person is too smart, usually he or she cannot feel happy in his or her life. Just like you will feel boring if you can get everythink easily. I always confused myself, life -- no one knows what is the exact meaning----

06:10 AM Jul 31 2008


But this is just life,the more u get and something else u have to miss.With years passed,we r growing,what's most important is we should get used to this kind of feeling of growing,learn to b happy!That is what we can do with age,even olderLaughing

April 28, 2008

Tibetans-in-exile who are either born overseas or have left Tibet decades ago. These people don't represent Tibet. Neither do they know or understand the current situation in Tibet.

It is more like the Tibetans (in Tibet!) are HURT!
Hurt by people who destroyed their peaceful harmonious life.
Hurt by people who don't know anything about them but continue to claim to fight for them!
Hurt by people who don't know how they feel but claim to know what they want!
Hurt by people who have pushed them into embarrassment in front of their fellow Chinese compatriots!
Hurt by people who  used force and violence to tarnish their image!
Hurt by people and media which maligned their beloved country called China!
Hurt by people and media which distort facts about what happened  in their homeland !
Hurt by people who have driven away tourists from their homeland and have destroyed their livelihood as a result!

Hurt by ...............

Please, stop HURTING the Tibetans in Tibet and other parts of China!!

11:24 PM Jun 01 2008


Turkey is facing the very same issue under the label of "Kurdish issue" Some groups claim to be representatives of Kurd people in Turkey. They get their propaganda across to European political circles. European ppl get a perception of so-called "Kurdish issue" through PKK (a terrorist organization which resemblance ETA of Spain) militants. These ppl claim to fight for Kurdish ppl and their demands, but this is not the case indeed. But since Turkish state had long neglected the presence of a kurdish minority in Turkey on legal basis (coz ethnic minority is more than a sociological term), Turkish official claims never gained ground in Europe, PKK militants on the other hand promoted themselves as "freedom fighters"

So Turkish ppl know the situation there from their firsthand experiences. Paradoxically there are racist groups claiming that Uygur ppl (xinjiang) are oppressed by chinese government, therefore we must fight for their freedom. I think China is bound to face an Uygur (weiwuer) problem besides Tibet problem. Because Western powers are likely to undermine china's political stability by pushing forward the excuse of "human rights" and how chinese gov oppress the minorities there... Cold war has already begun.

04:29 AM Apr 29 2008


Hey I'm Xiaoxiao

10:23 PM Apr 28 2008


hi iam habib