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January 7, 2008

Hi mates!

  As for me I'm 29 years of age now. I'm a Leo as for the Zodiac sign and was born on 07.25.2008!

  How about you? Yes I'm talking to YOU?

BTW if you leave a comment you won't be judged by anyone!


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View all entries from "The Coolest Friendship Blog" >

07:28 AM Jan 11 2008



ur personality from your birth month .Wink (source: google Cool)
  • Fun to be with
  • Secretive 
  •  Difficult to fathom and to be understood 
  •  Quiet unless excited or tensed 
  •  Takes pride in oneself 
  •  Has reputation 
  •  Easily consoled 
  •  Honest 
  •  Concern about people's feelings 
  •  Tactful 
  •  Friendly
  •  Approachable
  •  Very emotional 
  •  Tempramental and unpredictable 
  •  Moody and easily hurt 
  •  Witty and sarky 
  •  Sentimental 
  •  Not revengeful 
  •  Forgiving but never forgets 
  •  Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things 
  •  Guides others physically and mentally 
  •  Sensitive and forms impressions carefully 
  •  Caring and loving 
  •  Treats others equally 
  •  Strong sense of sympathy 
  •  Wary and sharp 
  •  Judge people through observations 
  •  Hardworking 
  •  No difficulties in studying 
  •  Loves being alone 
  •  Always broods about the past and the old friends 
  •  Likes being quiet 
  •  Homely person 
  •  Waits for friends 
  •  Never looks for friends 
  •  Not aggressive unless provoked 
  •  Prone to having stomach and dieting problems 
  •  Loves being loved 
  •  Easily hurt but takes long to recover 
  •  Overly concerned 
  •  Puts in effort in work
do u think some of them might be  true or false? Laughing