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November 11, 2007

Hi Buddies,
I feel like talking to a friend right now as the reason de etre of friendship as I trust is the bonds you make with one person. Is it not strange to have feelings for people you have never met?That's the bond which can be formed via words, the strongest solid units in the world, I gather. Don't you think?
I would like you to let me show you how purely plutonic long distance pen friendships could work as human beings are not just of flesh and blood rather of deep layers of energies of which can make bonds of great power that is merely called friendship, the urge to connect and communicate with other fellow beings, and I as a human being am not an exception so that layer of mine likes to have bonds formed throughout the world and one with you of course.
Tell me what you think of this feeling of mine and get back to me please.
Your true friend,

MSN: arian.abbasi@hotmail.com

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02:49 AM Nov 15 2007




I'm Yasser from egypt, working as a computer engineer , English my big problem , I have a very good communication skills (But in arabic) , I'm trying to find the way that i can improve my english , but I didn't find it yet Sealed