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An invitation of intimacy

July 18, 2009


I feel at big loss,I lost right to contact an worthy, generous, & talented friend because I hurt her feelings.

She enlighted my path of life by her bold,clear,truthful & religious messgas but I feel that I made an hole in the utansil I ate or like killed the hen that gave an egg of gold every day in greediness of having all the eggs at once.

I met with the very common fate of friendship that happens between a male & a female.

The most common fate is that when both are in search of a partner & they fall in love & friendship turns into a love affair.

& 2nd is that they don't find any understanding & get separated & friendship is lost. or they try to use each other for their puposes & decive each other & friendship turns into a relation of eneminess.

I have come to realize that friendship may continue only in the people of oppositte sexes when both have a state of mind of 'beyond sex' which is easy foe a woman but difficult for a man because of the existential behaviour, as woman's role is pasive in sexual bhaviour & man's sexual behviour is aggressive.

But rare are the woman who are aware of this fact  & they keep love & sex away from their syllabus but most the women  become prey of love & hate & hence friendship meet the common fate.

But to continiue  friendlyness man should be able to think beyond sex & friendship ends when sex or love comes inbetween & unfrtunatly I fall in that catgory & lost the most preciuos friendship who gave a lot of clearities.

Here I feel missing religion in my life,had I met real religion & gone beyond sex just by decision instead of travelling so long & gaining nothing.I feel envoy to Hakimi,Blink,gkissberth & Nupogodi.

But me is me & I can't change my place,what i can do is learn but I have paid the highest price of learning & shall never be able to coponsate that friendship.It's a permanent loss.  


It could the toughest heat treatment needed for purification,any way I respect & welcome both but I am joyful that I got more clearity & came more near to the TRUTH.

09:08 AM Feb 20 2011



Hello Devinder,
today i had some time and entered to your page too. And I have read your writing. I am so sorry that you lost your friend but the life is going on. Living is not to have sex or with your vocabulary looking for "behind sex". There are more things in the life, which can make you happy. You know the life is very short. You can los a friend but you can find also a new friend. Both of them are possibly in our life. life is to be lived. I hope you are okay at the moment and enjoy your time. Have a nice time, Till later

10:06 AM Jul 19 2009



hi dev,

it must be intitled:"my humanity"!we are all humans and we learn more from our own experiences.those relations are not easy to handle and we must respect others' feelings and give them a space to be themselves.we have to understand  ours' and others' natures, too.we never lose a real friendship,it just changes the shape.

all of us have their own limits and they are not the same from a culture,a religion and a person to another.this can lead to a misunderstanding and can drive us to show the limits clearly.it's life!we are just learning and the real learner is the one who gets out of his personal desires and see clearly beyond his/her strong ego.

may god enlightened your way,

my best wishes 

July 17, 2009


I wanted to realize the facts of life by myself & live according to them.

& while travelling upon the path of a researcher I felt that I have realized something great & different ,which looked to me something big,so I joined Ebaby to share & teach people what I have learned.I participated in many debates & shared views with learned friends.

I found that Ebaby is a good site of real people who really wish to share have capacity to enter debate,I find most of the friends are sincere,intelligent, tolerant  & nice.

While sharing with my friends I lost my grounds many times.I feel that I wanted to enlight my house by the light discoered by myself,made by myself,bulb to be made by myself & all the apparatus needed to create by myself & then light the house.

While sharing with my friends I found that I was creating a hell around myself,there was no need to do all the exercises which I was doing. There was a very simple way to use the light created by Einestine & apparatus needed was available in the market at very low prices.

There was no need to search God inside & there was a simple way to follow the proved facts already experimented & realized, provided by the religous scriptures.

I couldn't find my roots in hindu & christian scriptures, but I could find them in Quran.I found the principles very close to my feelings.

After sharing a lot with my friends I have changed my style of thinking ,working & planning.I have dropped the plan to renounce the family & business & live a life of wanderer.

Now I feel comfortable & at peace with myself & what I have around myself.

I am thankful To Allah for blessing ne with the facts.Now I feel myself a pupil rather than a teacher.

There is nothing to celebrate & nothing to be sad,Life is very simple & I would like to enjoy it in very simple way.I have found that I am not different from other people nor I am superior to others,but I am common as others are.... making mistakes everyday.

I am not going to bring a turmoil in my life by changing the religion but wanted to keep the feelings inside & live & feel the way I like.

I wish to thank all my ebaby friends (who are learned talented) who have reflected my face to me.


January 8, 2009


I am amazed by the insight I have received during the discussions, 'How can we grow in love'.

I have come to understand that after we born , our life grows by every moment.

We always have an circle of people around us, with which we are always concerned.We get connected with the circle arond us by an unseen bond called 'LOVE'.

As we grow by every moment our circle changes.

but we are unaware of  the change, because the process of change is very slow but contineous.As we are connected with the circle around us by the bond of love, we grow in love too & get connected with new circle grow by every moment.

As we have many dimensions of circles, hence many dimensions of love too. But the 'BEING' inside of us is one.& we are the centre of our life & of our world too. 

As we grow in love, we grow incirle, we grow in being.

Hence we enter in every circle with more experience, more grown up.

As seeds of plants has the potentiality to grow, earth, water pushs th seed to grow, light & sun pulls the seed to gorw, seed can become a alive 'TREE'.

I too wish to grow .

But physically we have limits to grow, hence I wish to grow beyond limits. so existence has provided us with 'spirit & being' to grow, I wish to grow love & it's fragnance  & reach each & every corner of the universe.

09:19 AM Jan 10 2009



I d like to discuss this topic with you not emotinal but factual. First of all as far as I understand your opinion about love is that you imagine something which hasnt existed yet like your other forums headlines: "We have to grow in 'LOVE'", "Religion beyond religion", "I wish to grow" etc. Maybe you believe in something which you havent found yet and you are still looking for. Since I have been on ebaby I have read all the posts which are written by members show me how  fanatic some topics are discussed there. I am afraid of fanaticisim in the broadest sense. I just wonder that you may idealize or overvaluate the love. Am I right?  By no means I wont blame you for such search.