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An invitation of intimacy

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January 8, 2009


I am amazed by the insight I have received during the discussions, 'How can we grow in love'.

I have come to understand that after we born , our life grows by every moment.

We always have an circle of people around us, with which we are always concerned.We get connected with the circle arond us by an unseen bond called 'LOVE'.

As we grow by every moment our circle changes.

but we are unaware of  the change, because the process of change is very slow but contineous.As we are connected with the circle around us by the bond of love, we grow in love too & get connected with new circle grow by every moment.

As we have many dimensions of circles, hence many dimensions of love too. But the 'BEING' inside of us is one.& we are the centre of our life & of our world too. 

As we grow in love, we grow incirle, we grow in being.

Hence we enter in every circle with more experience, more grown up.

As seeds of plants has the potentiality to grow, earth, water pushs th seed to grow, light & sun pulls the seed to gorw, seed can become a alive 'TREE'.

I too wish to grow .

But physically we have limits to grow, hence I wish to grow beyond limits. so existence has provided us with 'spirit & being' to grow, I wish to grow love & it's fragnance  & reach each & every corner of the universe.

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09:19 AM Jan 10 2009



I d like to discuss this topic with you not emotinal but factual. First of all as far as I understand your opinion about love is that you imagine something which hasnt existed yet like your other forums headlines: "We have to grow in 'LOVE'", "Religion beyond religion", "I wish to grow" etc. Maybe you believe in something which you havent found yet and you are still looking for. Since I have been on ebaby I have read all the posts which are written by members show me how  fanatic some topics are discussed there. I am afraid of fanaticisim in the broadest sense. I just wonder that you may idealize or overvaluate the love. Am I right?  By no means I wont blame you for such search.