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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

September 12, 2013

I dedicate this poem to my girlfriend I am sure there will be people who think I am too young to know love (I am fourteen) but this is one way of telling my beautiful princess how much I love her. I truly do with all my heart, I'm not expecting anyone to understand I don't even truly understand it. All I know is that I love her with all I am. Thank you all for your time.      Matthew Flood 

My girl,
Every time you smile,
Every time you laugh,
Every time you look at me,
Every time you call my name,
Every time we touch,
Every time we hold each other, 

I think to myself,
Wow, this angel is so far away from heaven
Why is she in my arms?
Why is she with me? Why do I have the honour to call her mine?
Why does god not come down and guide her back to heaven?
Why is she on the Earth?
Why is she allowing me to see the beauty of which she is?
And then...

Then I remember,
All those endless nights,
I would be lying in bed unable to sleep,
And every night,
I would kneel beside my bed
And pray to god,

Begging, that one day I would have a woman to call my own,
A woman That does not know evil
That does not know cheat,
That does not know hate,
But she is not to be just a woman,
But she is to be the woman,

The woman Who will love me back,
Who will kiss me back,
Who will hold me as tight as I hold her
And who will not lie when she says she wants to spend eternity together,
Who will spend the night with me and forget the world,
Who will want to be with me always,
Who will want to start a new family with me,

And then I realize,
This is the woman I pray for every night,
This is the woman I love,
This is gods answer to my prayer,

But he has not sent me just a woman,
He has sent me an angel,
In the form of a human,
In the form of true beauty,
And every night I thank god,
For without him,
I would not know beauty,
I would not know love,
I would not know true happiness,

And then I say...
She is mine until the end of time,
My girl.


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04:33 AM Jan 17 2014


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

lovely poem, thank you mohamma 

02:20 AM Dec 24 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have a girl
I have a girl, a good one
a girl who looks after me
a girl with a winning smile
a girl who makes me laugh
a girl who is beautiful
a girl who is kind and strong
I have a girl who ticks boxes
a girl who is something special
a girl who is loving
a girl who has great patience
a girl I'm lucky to know
a girl you'd dream about
I have a girl I'd fight for
a girl who makes me think
a girl who feeds me
a girl I'd write poetry for
I have a girl, a good one
a girl I wouldn't swap for the world

  • by:
  • Holloway

04:22 AM Dec 22 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wowwwowwww!!! soooooooo wonderful surprize...hahaaaahaaaa...kheili mamnoon dear Johannes ;)

you are one of the special persons living on the planet earth!! i adore these kinds of friends who know how to spread love and happiness among all :)))

04:18 AM Dec 20 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

02:07 AM Dec 20 2013


a nice surprize

for a precious friend

be H A P P Y

all days in your life

03:22 AM Dec 18 2013


innocent love

the purest love ever and the best one

Thanks for sharing this poem

03:40 AM Dec 17 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes S&W, agree with you and tnx for your comment. he is a naive guy full of innocent and pure emotins...

02:27 PM Dec 16 2013



How pure it is a 14 years old boy with love!!! Beatiful

10:29 AM Dec 07 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


12:46 AM Sep 19 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it was really interesting for me,how can a boy in age of 14 describe a girl this much skilfully...

12:32 AM Sep 19 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks for your comments Smileys

01:38 PM Sep 18 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:28 AM Sep 12 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of