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Spiritual journey

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United Kingdom


January 16, 2010

Every night I find it's so hard to sleep
Because I keep thinking of you
And these feelings run deep
I try to hide
All these feelings for you
I keep them battled inside
I don't know what else to do
Sometimes I wonder
In the blink of my eye
Would you be willing to love me ?
Would you give it a try ?
I don't know how else to show you
That our love could be real
I'd be eternally faithfull
Forever I'd feel
No one can tell me that I may be wrong
Because I know in my heart
This feeling's still burning strong
Can't get you out of my head
Can't get you out of my heart
Can't get you out of my life
No matter if we're apart
So I cry and nobody hears me
And nobody hears me
I cry,it's my only solution
I cry,to all this confusion
I cry, with all of my heart
I cry…

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04:44 PM Jan 16 2010


your words are beautiful .although they are all simple words ,when  they get a good permutation and combination, there is a miracle, attractive and moving sentences . i love your words and keep on writing