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Little S[u]Jin..

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October 27, 2007


T T......

How many days I'll finished my examinination? Too bored.. but coz I wanna graduate in this year.

Oh! >.< if I don't reply u mail..don't think over..OK? that's not mean i don't wanna make friend with you.

Pls. understand me.....^ ^

And my name's Ice.. hehe~ i'm not yogurth though my account name 'yogurth' ....

So, if u wanna call me... u should call me 'BCG' = 'Black Chocolate Girl'... do you wanna know why?...haha~ it's my secret.. tell u later OK?

C ya~  

Bye...^ ^

^ Ice ^

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09:24 AM Nov 14 2007



Please do the best for your expectation.

Amp Bangkok Thailand

07:50 AM Oct 28 2007

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

never thing about it.i am right like you and stuck in a hard mathemathik like stuck in a tick of ice and can move.but the time always pass soon if you spend it with good time.

do you know what is diffrent between tongue and language??

language is that we talk and made by alephabet but tongue is a thing that we use to speak it .so you de better to change it sooonerif you love to write it correctely.


11:08 PM Oct 27 2007


Embarassed you are very funny girl