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December 31, 2009

Hello my dears! :)

This will be my first Blog, so I don't know really what I have to write ...

That's why I write something 'bout me, firstly.

I'm a 14 years old girl, live in Germany and I have a Twin-Sister, an elder Sister and an elder Brother. The most of my friends call me Kathi or Kathy. I like Kathy more then Kathi. :) I have a lot of hobbies. Nothing interesting. That's only things which all Teens do. Only that I'm a Goalkeeper (3th Generation - Grandpa, Dad and Me ;D) in our soccer club. Last Session we won the Master cup. Our elder girl-team has won it, too. Also our boy-team won it. :)

Secondly I have to say something to this Site. Here, I found a good friend of me: Pasha. I love it to write mails with him. 

But with the times, I've seen that's here not everyone as nice as Pasha. And that's a pity.


Thirdly, I'm sorry for my English. I really don't know if that's right what I'm writing. If anyone of you found mistakes - tell me! I want to be better.

And now, I have one request to make for you: Send me Photos of your country! I want to travel around the world, when I'm elder (and if I have enough money ;D). But 'till this time, I want to see pictures of all these beautiful country's around the world! My Mail: pics.for.kathy@web.de

I'm happy to see your country's!

Love ya,


02:49 AM Jan 17 2011

Saudi Arabia

Hi, I will be very happy if you accept me as your friend, if that okay with u, you can write me to.. Oceanview_0102@yahoo.com.. You are very beautiful girl and I love beautiful girls just like you are, so can we be just friends…