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My name is Ling

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January 6, 2011

I just joined this website for a few days but I have found here I have everything I want.

I listen to MP3 everyday, each lesson a day, it helps me a lot with my Vocabulary.

There is one saying "Life is a path, not a destination." Hmm.. It means I need to enjoy the life at every moment.  So I think I should also enjoy learning english at every moment.

PS. One client visited us about an hour ago, he is Korean, but speaks good chinese (but not as good as I do Cool), so I was trying to speak as slow & clear as I could. I felt good in some way.

Actually it reminded me that before when I talked to some other clients IN ENGLISH, I was always nervous and cannot say what I WANTED to say but ONLY what I COULD...(It happens to many people when you speak a foreign language I guess)And I felt I was doing terrible, I was never satified with myself. How sad it was, I think this has been the main reason I want to improve my english.

But first of all, I love english, english is a great & beautiful language. I will keep learning and I am sure I would achieve what I have dreamed of.



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