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Boring life

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South Korea

January 12, 2013

I can't explain in detail some happening to me, but, it is really


makes me Embrassed and my self-esteem has damaged OTL


I've never think about like this situations.


However I always thinking, this time is bad term in my life.


Yeah, I thought and thinking.


by the way, it's really cometrue.


something bad happen is strated.


I really dont want to like this.


I can't deny, I can't blame someone.


It's was all my own choice and What i wanted to do.


Resultingly, Looks like this.


Nowadays, Many thing make me feel blue and groomy.


 From grand mother's house

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03:36 AM Jan 13 2013


santo0712Super Member!

LETHITA I just read your message in your blog. I really don'' know what happened you, and actually what talk to you, but I fell in your words you''re very sad, also I don't know what I could make you keep happen, To say you the true I can't get write English right, BUT ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU: YOU'RE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON AMONG OF ALMOST others, and I'd like be your friend. So I'm going to introduce you myself. My name is Santo, I'm 63, married, I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. I'm Brazilian. I'd like very answer me. it'd make me very glad.Please forgive if  I annoying you. Take care