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My Blooming Life




July 4, 2012

Every day feels like a battle, and I could only be the winnerFoot in mouth 

06:15 AM Jul 05 2012




December 14, 2010

This day one year ago, December 14th 2009, I lost my sweetheart, my angel, my Loong.


Please, please come back to me just as in my dreams, or I'll go for you someday in future......to hug you smiling in tears and tell you how much I miss you......

November 30, 2010


Tomorrow I'm going to have an appointment to study whether it would be a good idea to take over a restaurant. Microsoft headoffice in China will be moving to my place in March next year, so running a restaurant around it to serve the food might be profitable.

Actually there are many resaurants and bars around here already. So how to make it special at reasonable price is a point.

I have two jobs. One is work for my boss, which is boring and poor paid. Next year I'd like to end it hopefully. The other is work for myself. It's a little company and my first gold too. I've been trying to strengthen it and make it my career for life.

Running a restaurant would be the third one. I'm tired of so many work. But with all my heart, I love it.

Hope tomorrow's appointment would be going smoothly. Let's seeFoot in mouth

05:51 AM Dec 01 2010



I am happy to hear you have your own career.many people hope they can become a boss.I wish your restaurant have a good business.