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February 1, 2011

Alyson's books.jpg

"... If  each step brings us to the next,

then how will we ever get anywhere,

how can we ever grow

if we avoid everything that might hurt us?......" 

~~SHADOWLAND~~Alyson Noel 


   I love this phrase,  umm a big problem can untangle by conscious solution. Just keep your chin up!!

What do you reckon?

07:36 AM Mar 04 2011


United Arab Emirates

yeah , life like steps , each step will lead us to the next step , it depend wether we can handle the reponsibilities that will come with each new step or not :)

05:37 AM Feb 08 2011

That Guy Owen
United States

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08:45 AM Feb 01 2011



In my opinion, nothing in life is free. It depends on the satisfaction you get and something that you lost equally. and yeah, maybe I have.

sometime , Standing as a supporter for someone make me feel hesitate, confuse and worry about how to find the best way to do. Through life pretty much have no choice , but I have to continue. By that time...just do the best that i can. :)

05:14 AM Feb 01 2011



like this phrase No Pain No Gain , but actually I would like to know, have you ever experienced what that phrase said ? 

January 14, 2011

When someone wanna relax in the special time.

It just make an appointment with closely friends

or.. whatever, who u want to join.

 and>>>>>>>>>>>>> hang out with them. LOOOLL ;D


January 5, 2011

For my holiday, traveled Thai temples with my family...



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