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After hour thought..

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United States

November 4, 2007

Today I get to sleep one extra hour today because of the day time saving thing. It's one of the greatest thing I must say. Who doesn't like to wake up late and finding out  it's not as late as you think it is. It's just awesome. So, with this extra hour, what have I done with it to make my life extra meaningful? well, absolutely nothing!!

Wait, calling it absolutely nothing is a bit harsh. I did do something, it's just not some dolphin saving like Hayden Panettiere did, which she failed by the way.. because of some stupid Japanese fish boat that intervened.. and um.. nor have I helped any elder women cross the street who I figured they would rather stay home anyway. What I did, however, was made myself some hot chocolate and caught up with a few TV episodes I downloaded long ago but yet to have time to watch.  Other than these, yeah,  I pretty much just surfed web the rest of the time looking for cheap stuff to buy.

Oh, talk about finding cheap stuff. I recently bought a new camera and I REALLY should be taking advantage of it. It's that SD1000 that every website keep on promoting because of the price cut. It's pretty neat actually... maybe I will carry it around more so I can actually post some pictures. :)

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11:51 PM Nov 11 2007

t k awan

t k awan

Nice but did you use that camera or it is still lying packed in your room?

we are waiting for your nice and hot pics man.Do it now and post it today.for what you are waiting for.