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December 30, 2011


im back and missing you all,im so sorry for leaving you all like that i got busy and totally forgot about this awesome website im only here to help you guys to improve your english and present my fav model and superstar maryse thats all,i get lots of requests from all over the world which makes me so happy that theres someone out there who wants to learn english or to prove it,message me if you need to improve your english i dont have time to get to know everybody so dont send me a message saying hey mamacita i want ur email dont ask for it boys if i want to i will give it to if i dont!then dont bother :l

follow me on twitter to contact me there


i hope y'all have great day and happy new year <3

05:07 PM May 23 2012



hey girl,ur pics are so niceeee:)

10:06 AM Jan 02 2012

United States

umm maybe,thanks for the suggestion Smile

04:00 AM Jan 01 2012

Marshall Islands

Maybe you should create lessons covering some tips, idioms and phrasal verbs. Welcome onboard

August 26, 2009


Hi everyOne!!!

Hope U had a Great Summer Or Ur Still Having it  :D

am new here!!but Not Really New!!lool and this is my 1st Blog!!


U know that am WWE and TNA Fan!! Some will Say TNA Suck and some Will Say WWE Suck! but i dont care what Other says!! >:( anyway!! 

My blog Today will talk about Meeting Superstars N stars!!

So Did u Ever Met A Star or Superstar in Your Country or in other place???!!

and how Did U feel when u saw Him or Her!!Are they Still the Best and want to be like them in the future ??

Comment on My Blog and Telling Me if u want 2, about ur Fav Star or ur superstar :)

and if u wanna Chat or wanna Be friend with a WWE Superstar or Dive and TNA stars Message  Me :)!!WinkWink

 PS: when i Meant star it have nothing To  Do with WWE and TNA any Singer or Actor or anything else!! i know that they are lots of Stars here in E-baby, talk about Meeting them here in E-baby if u want!!

i will talk about Myself when i met My Fav Stars in the Next Blog thx 4 Reading and Commenting :D

Have Nice Day!!! CoolCool


06:54 AM May 15 2010

United States

LOL!wow now thats what i call it meeting superstar experience >>>Cool

 awwww thats so Sweeet ^,^>>>snoop 

07:36 PM Apr 26 2010



i have ever seen a superstar. he is a senior at my department  in university. he is a friendly. his smile is very beautiful. i be his fan 

07:50 PM Dec 14 2009

South Korea

I saw a star who aren't in my interest 3 years ago.

After I saw him, I fall into his charm!! Xp

01:42 PM Sep 14 2009

United States


Great ^^ did u get the chance to meet any?!

nice 2 meet damon!! 


10:49 PM Sep 07 2009

damons antino

hi mamacita619,nice tats huh!im also an avid fan of wwe,im damon from phillipines

11:51 AM Sep 02 2009

United States

thx 4 nothing Guys