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United States

August 26, 2009


Hi everyOne!!!

Hope U had a Great Summer Or Ur Still Having it  :D

am new here!!but Not Really New!!lool and this is my 1st Blog!!


U know that am WWE and TNA Fan!! Some will Say TNA Suck and some Will Say WWE Suck! but i dont care what Other says!! >:( anyway!! 

My blog Today will talk about Meeting Superstars N stars!!

So Did u Ever Met A Star or Superstar in Your Country or in other place???!!

and how Did U feel when u saw Him or Her!!Are they Still the Best and want to be like them in the future ??

Comment on My Blog and Telling Me if u want 2, about ur Fav Star or ur superstar :)

and if u wanna Chat or wanna Be friend with a WWE Superstar or Dive and TNA stars Message  Me :)!!WinkWink

 PS: when i Meant star it have nothing To  Do with WWE and TNA any Singer or Actor or anything else!! i know that they are lots of Stars here in E-baby, talk about Meeting them here in E-baby if u want!!

i will talk about Myself when i met My Fav Stars in the Next Blog thx 4 Reading and Commenting :D

Have Nice Day!!! CoolCool


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06:54 AM May 15 2010

United States

LOL!wow now thats what i call it meeting superstar experience >>>Cool

 awwww thats so Sweeet ^,^>>>snoop 

07:36 PM Apr 26 2010



i have ever seen a superstar. he is a senior at my department  in university. he is a friendly. his smile is very beautiful. i be his fan 

07:50 PM Dec 14 2009

South Korea

I saw a star who aren't in my interest 3 years ago.

After I saw him, I fall into his charm!! Xp

01:42 PM Sep 14 2009

United States


Great ^^ did u get the chance to meet any?!

nice 2 meet damon!! 


10:49 PM Sep 07 2009

damons antino

hi mamacita619,nice tats huh!im also an avid fan of wwe,im damon from phillipines

11:51 AM Sep 02 2009

United States

thx 4 nothing Guys