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October 24, 2008

I´m busy but I don´t care because.... I went to Milán!!!!

I stayed for three day. The travels is tired but I think that it are very important for open your mind.

Milán no is very diferent to Madrid or Barcelona. It´s a calm city.In Milán there isn´t many monuments for see, except the Galeria Emmanuelle and the piazza Doumo with his cathedral but the people are nice and kind and the food is good (pasta and pizza). The italian language is very similar to spanish language but I only can understand they but no speak it.

It´s a good experiencie (no like other travels). Now, in my job, look through my windows and sigh.

05:01 PM Oct 24 2008



  Millan sounds like a nice place to visit, I wish

I could go there sometime.

October 12, 2008

Oh, yes the next thurday I going to Milán!!!

I´m very happy for the travel. I hope that I don´t raning and I going to get on very well.

I going to go with my friend but I heard that the Milan, one of the fashion capital, it´s very expensive but I don´t care.

Yeah, it´s good sometimes lost in the world and forgot the problem of rutine in your country.

I bought a itialian diccionary and books about Italy. Well, bye, bye or (in italian language) arrivederci. ;D


12:54 AM Oct 15 2008



I have never been to Milan...

I want to go to there☆

09:05 PM Oct 12 2008



Hi meyre737Smile

You looks very happy and I want to go there!!!

Take care!Smile

See you...


06:22 AM Oct 12 2008

Alex zhou

Alex zhou

Travelling abroad is my dream.But unfortunately,I'm afraid it can't be realized in a few years.Sincerely admiring your trip.

September 11, 2008

Well, I cannot believe that anybody was realizing my mistake. Yes. My titles are incorrect.

Don´t say "my experience english" instead "my english experience" Oh, yes I`m so much perfectionist, but I miss the english teacher that correct my bad english language. Are anybody want to be my english teacher?

I propose that this site will got a list of the worst mistakes in english or test of nivel english. Will do you add anything else?

I ask me what is my worst public mistake. I have do a long list about it. What´s your worst  public mistake?

oh, that horrible. I wrote it THREE TIMES.

02:30 AM Sep 12 2008



Take it easy,

We all  make mistakes and that's what helps us to improve our English skills, the most important thing is when we realize that we mistaken and we correct our mistakes.

Keep writing in ur blog, it will really help u to improve ur English, good luck Laughing

My English is not perfect but if u need some help u can count on meSmile

Have a nice day.