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Weekly Blog




January 14, 2009

This year I have two New year's resolutions.

First resolution is decide employment.

I want to decide employment before graduation.

I want have a clerical job. I work hard on job hunting.


Second resolution is to get a driver's license.

I attend a driving school since winter vacation.

I can't drive well yet.

I want to get a driver's license before March.

I want to go to anywhere early.Laughing 

December 10, 2008


For this report I researched about Czech. There are mamy dignified building in Prague. This town is called "the capital of the European magic".
I would like to go there someday. So I asked people in Czech about their country.  I got 9 people to my questions.

Most of the people 7 out of 9 people who wrote to me said "ice hockey" is very popular sports.  Two club team in Prague are proud of the history of 100 years. Other people said "football" is very popular sports.
The Czech soccer team is called powerful player.
I think that Czech is prosperous sports.

I learned from Wikipedia that Celt immigration in this ground in the ancient times and maked original culture. Afterwards,Slav settled down there.
This is Czech direct ancestor now. It was Czech Slovakia republic in the old days. But in 1993, separation Czech and Slovakia.
I interesting Czech's culture.

I wanted to know Prague was a beautiful place. So I asked that question.
And almost people said Prague is the most beautifull city on the world.
Prague with beautiful monuments. There are many beautiful things in  Prague.

I also learned that there are many beautiful things in Prague. I want see historical church, castle and beautiful Czech's nature.
I want to go to Czech someday.Smile



December 9, 2008

This report is comparative of Czech and Japan.
 ・A road sign and no parking sing resembles in Japan.
 ・A pedestrian crossing resembles in Japan.
 ・Cars are similar Japanese car.

 ・A building is big general.
 ・A lot of big rivers are seen.
 ・A lot of buildings such as the castle are seen.
 ・There are a lot of trees.
 ・Population, Density and Area a little than Japan.

☆Interesting things
 ・Czech a part of the Habsburg dynasty rule until 1918.
 ・Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two countries in 1993.
 ・ Czech is called a country having good technology.
 ・Japan began to write its own history after the 5th and 6th centuries.
 ・ The samurai and shogun of Medieval Japan are similar to knights and lords    in Medieval Europe.