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November 12, 2008


I asked question for people about absorbed.
7 people answered my question.

2 in 7 absorbed is searching a job.
Reason is important  for her carreer, and the topic is intersting and She don't want to stay at home doing nothing.
How long spend 4 months and for a month already.

Another two people absorbed is study(study English)
Reason is after her college She will be an English teacher and it is her burden. How long spend for 8 years.

One person absorbed is eating.  Reason is hungry. How long spend all the time.

One person absorbed is anime.  Reason is story is cool and the characters are handsome and beautiful.  How long spend it has been a long time.

One person absorbed is her work. She is chemist.  Reason is she need to survive with my own money.  She work since 2 years ago.

Thank you!! for my question. Laughing







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