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Weekly Blog




October 21, 2008

This Weekend event, 

I went to Sannomiya with my friend .  We went  to clothes for

rental shop.Smile We chose hakama and kimono  for  graduation ceremony. There are many kind.

I decided to pink hakama and white kimono.

After that I went to part time job.

So, I was very tired  this weekendFrown


October 14, 2008

My weekend's event is part time job. I average 5 hour's work a day. I worked in a lady's clothes shop. I operated the cash register and arranged the goods. There were many customer in the shop because 3 holidays. So, I was very tired.

10:53 AM Oct 20 2008


Hi Nabari,

I also happy to be friend with you^.^

Care yourself dear,see you!!!