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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

December 23, 2006

Hi everybody!

most of the times I think about my goals

I like to be the wealthiest girl in the world ! the most beautiful,the most successful! i'm sure I can!

I like to have a unique relation with God ! Worship him with whole my heart,my soul! He is everything to me! i do it now and He gives me peace!

I'm really grateful  for what I have and what I will have in future.

I ask God and He says AMEN!

All my wishes come true because of him!

Love you GOD!


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05:38 PM Jul 10 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear Neda. After God ask yourself to see that all your wishes will come true. If you believe it & if you love your existance with whole your hart, that's everything. So always think about your desires to get it soon. Now is your future. I'm sure you can.

03:36 PM Mar 30 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

do you still think you can achieve what you want?

02:07 AM Jun 27 2007



Just marvelous!! You are most beautiful person I ever known this year on website. You know, you are just presenting your pure thoughts when people would like to bubbling and faking their selves with fake id. Bless you, dear!!   Kasper

08:12 AM Jun 01 2007


God bless ya:)

11:54 AM Jan 21 2007

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I agree with you. I believe that every thing is on the hand of God. If he wants something it absolutely will hapen.

However, expecting that whatever  you want to gain, God give you that


03:41 PM Jan 15 2007


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ok im almost agree with u but ..i think we can not reach to every thing that we desired-our life time is very limit- we must find our real GOAL-they shoudnt be only imagine- mmmmm what do u think?

06:04 AM Jan 04 2007



I Agree With u!!

As you, I believe in GOD! I´m sure that all things that I need, HE Can help me. He Is my life, and I worship Him with my body and with my Soul.