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...." When something bad happens to you, ALWAYS remember the good things you have lived"




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February 7, 2014

Hello everybody! :)

It's been a while since the last time I've written here. Actually I've been reading my entries and I realized that at that time I did not know what I was going to study and nowadays I've recently got my degree and became an English teacher :D

Even though I'm really happy, Argentina as a country is going through hard times which results in all the people living with a bad mood and worried because of the future... Our economy is going to hell, and our money (peso argentino) is losing all its value compared to dollars/euros, etc. There are all kinds of restrictions for the companies which export their products from another countries, and even shopping online is restricted. We were not allowed to buy dollars, not even for personal use. This changed last week, but people say it was a last-time attempt to save the economy.

I hope to come back with better news later. 

01:32 AM Aug 21 2017


Keep on working hard. your country future will be more bright.

November 22, 2006

Hi everybody!! how are you?? Wink

i'm so Ok because in Argentina we're in November so the summer and the holidays are coming!! Laughing

Possibly they'll be my last holidays with all my friends because next year we might be travelling to another city to study a career. 

SealedI don't know what study but i suppose i'll have an idea then jajaj.

Here the summer are so so so so HOTS!! so me and my friends spend all the day in big swimmings pool, drinking fizzy drinks or eating ice creams!Foot in mouth! lol

Right now we're preparing to finish the classes so we have exams all days but I arrange my time to study and have free time too.Tongue out

How is your life in this time of the year?? Smile

KissLots of KissesKiss

09:25 AM Dec 24 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


It is really amazing to me that we are in first of winter and you are going to start summer. Here is cold, of course not as cold as Europe.

I hope you enjoy your summer. Smile


03:14 AM Dec 19 2010

Saudi Arabia

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July 28, 2006

Hi people!! How are you???

On 20th July was the FRIEND'S DAY, wasn't it?? lol

How did you enjoy it?? Me and my friends spend all this day together and we really enjoy that... because we were together.. Laughing We are for girls: Laura, Flavia, María José and me and two boys: Agustín and David.

I hope you have had a great day too... Our friends.. are always with us.. and they are like a light in darkness... aren't they??

 I love my friends!!!!!  Wink

 Bye!! Kiss