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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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November 23, 2009

How To Prove That You Love SomeOne ? your dad , mum , bro , sis , friend , lover , anyone.. words is not enough i think ,, real love is not words .. it's not to keep saying i love you lol .. its all about ur really care about them .. your actions toward them which show them ur love .. when u say for example i love my mum ,, then you have to show her your love through helping her ,, asking about her ,, obey her and don't make her worried about u .. always smile in front of her .. give her a hug and tell her that she is great and she did alot for u ,, and so on when i say for example i love u in allah ,, then i'll share you some new information about islam which we didnt know before ,, i'll courage you to keep going on through good things ,, and try to alarm you when u are doing something not good .. i'll take ur mobile number to wake u up in al-fagr prayer .. and many other things .. so what's ur opinion ?? what do u think :) ??

08:13 PM Aug 10 2012



yah U R right  dear 

10:11 PM Oct 31 2010

viona helena

I love what you write here, Sanaa.. And i agree with you. To show our love is more important than just telling it but do nothing ^^

06:22 PM Oct 23 2010



"Love"should not be revealed but just prove it with actions. if you don't mind, please  give me information about Palestine through fitria_sunata@yahoo.com. I love Palestine

06:20 PM Oct 23 2010



"Love"should not be revealed but just prove it with actions. if you don't mind, please  give me information about Palestine through fitria_sunata@yahoo.com. I love Palestine

11:54 PM Apr 20 2010

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Very nice words
I do not love words
It is a practical application
We say we love the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
But we must publish Talimh all human beings
This is our goal why do we live
Love sacrifice

02:54 AM Mar 23 2010


United Arab Emirates


you are sweetSmile


12:43 PM Dec 17 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The true love is the time when God forgive a regretful sinner  for the thousands time!

and make him feel like that he did  nothing at all! anybody love me more???????????

and how indecent I am doing that again???!!!! who can endure such creature except the One who loves him much more than what we can think of.  Cry

04:09 PM Nov 23 2009


well, just like the famous saying goes, action speaks louder than word!

04:51 AM Nov 23 2009


I hope I can understand love from love of mother for her children...

As what is written in my blog...

There are times 'dear….',
when ummi won't be able to be there for you,
to talk or play with you,
to wipe your tears
nor end your fears ...

There might be times
ummi just won't be able to be here for you,
not that I don't want to, though I hope I'll always be able to ...
This is the truth, it hurts to admit, but simply true,
though my heart will always long for you,
and forever always I shall love you ...

Because ummi is just like 'little' you,
needy and dependent in a lot of ways too,
I might fell sick or there's just other chores to do,
though always and always,
I'll try to give my best to you,
and for you ...


Love is, 'little sweetheart',
mostly felt by the heart,
not always seen, heard or touched ...
Know that my love will always remain in your memory,
though my cuddles and kisses are absent
from your senses to perceive ...

But don't worry little darling,
as I promise you,
Allah ar-rahman ar-raheem will
always be there for you,
He doesn't need any sleep,
nor will he be too busy for you,
He'll never fell ill,
or forget to care for you ...

He exists and lives forever too,
He's always watchful of everything you do,
to keep you safe and healthy too,
He's the best to rely on,
won't ever let you down,
so don't worry little sweetheart,
because I promise you,
He'll keep you company though the world stays busy,
He'll cure your sickness and makes you feel happy,
He even understands you better than me,
He'll help you go through the days,
with or without me ...


And I hope I can learn love from love of Rasulullah for his ummat....

Then the most perfect love is love of Allah for us....subhanallah....

November 20, 2009

hello sisters ..

I just want to talk about something .. really i noticed that its spreading in many girls profiles ..

sister , why you put your photos in your profile while you are wearing such clothes ? ,, which show all your body or most of it ?? 

waiting someone to tell you woow you are beautiful ?? ,, what you'll gain from this ??

believe me nothing ,,

many guys will say woow what a SEXY girl !! ,, may alah bless you , and lead you to the right way ..

dear ,,

you're value is so high ,, don't lead it to be sooo down

you are a jewel ,, dont through it in mud by your hands ..

 I Love you in alah ..

05:25 PM Feb 04 2010

the Remarkable
Saudi Arabia

Perfect .!

 Allah bless you .. your way of writing was a wonderful that makes who read, think logically .. not any other believes For all people ..


I hope that all girls do as that ..

Thank u .. keep it up ..{ maybe that should be a curious comment .. but I want to support you

04:17 AM Nov 20 2009



I agree to you.


November 11, 2009



Im from Gaza ,, and i face the war as all others .. a year ago .. and im proud cuz im palestinian ,, even its hard to live in gaza and even we are occupied and under siege .. and even whatever israel armies are doing and will do ..

we are ready to sacrifice with our lives ..

cuz we love palestine & we love Jerusalem .. 

Thanks For All Those Who Support Us ..

And May Allah ForGive All Others :) ..


Best Wishes .. 



11:44 AM Nov 20 2009



Hi Miss! You are very nice person and I like your blocks!

I know war is terrible! Last year my country had it with Russia and it was tragedy for me.So I understand what you feel.

God bless you!

Good luck!

07:17 AM Nov 19 2009



Salam Palestine ,

we r always with u as Muslim ,we always pray for the sisters,brothers in there.

Allah Azza Ve Celle..

Best regards sister.

12:18 AM Nov 12 2009

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Thanks Alot ..

12:11 AM Nov 12 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi sister!

Hi palestin!

Im sorry,I know your people is lonely in this world!

But dont worry allah is with you all every time!

God bless you sister.

04:45 PM Nov 11 2009


Ooo.. for heaven's sake, I don't know if I can make it through if I were you.. Allah with you all..